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About JoAnna

I started obedience training in 1971 and since then have obtained 12 CDs; 10 CDXs; 8 UDs, 1 UDX, 3 TDs, and 1 TDX on Border Collies, Shelties, Australian Kelpie, a German Shepherd, and a Gordon Setter. I am also training my dogs in agility and have a dog competing at the AKC Excellent level.

Both AKC and ASCA approve me to judge all obedience classes. I am approved by AKC to judge their herding tests and A, B and D Course trials. AHBA has approved me to judge their herding tests and trials.

In 1989 I started livestock herding training and the joy of working with dogs doing what they are bred to do became an obsession. I had the privilege to be mentored by Bob Vest, Vern Thorp, Nyle Sealine, and Ben Means. What made them exceptional teachers is their livestock experience, their real life use of stock dogs, and their willingness to share their knowledge with people.

I have obtained 6 WTCH (Working Trial Champion) from ASCA, 4 HX, 3 HC (Herding Champion) from AKC, 4 HCH from AHBA (Herding Champion) As well as AHBA and ASCA Ranch titles. I compete on AKC A, B & D Courses and my dogs are titled on cattle, sheep, and ducks.

My goal is to help each dog and handler reach his or her herding potential and goal. Each team is individual and much be treated that way.

Whether your goal is to do what your dog was bred to do, train for trial competition, or obtain a working partner, herding instruction teaches the handler and dog partnership to have calm, confident control of livestock.

The handler should be in control of the dog and the dog in control of the livestock. The handler cannot tell the dog how to control the livestock, but can tell him when and where.

Sheep will be used for training. Goats or ducks will be used when available.

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