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JoAnna's Dogs

Duff - Border Collie
Duff's registered name is WTCH Caora Con’s MacDuff HX, CD. Duff was my first herding dog. He got me started. He has always been my partner and companion. He is the sire of Miss and Miescha. He left us in October of 2004, 2 weeks before his 16th birthday.

Miss - Border Collie
Miss's registered name is Ms Chief. 1996-2011 - just after her 15th birthday. She was a truly versatile dog who is titled in multiple venues. Her titles include: HC HXAsd HXBs, WTCH RD RTDsc, HTDIII HRDIII, UD, TDX, AX, AXJ.
  • AKC Herding: Herding Champion with advanced titles on both the A & B Course sheep and A & B Course ducks.
  • ASCA Herding: Working Trial Champion, meaning she has advanced titles on sheep, ducks, and cattle. She is also a Ranch Dog on sheep and cattle.
  • AHBA Herding: Advanced titles on both the Trial and Ranch courses and points toward her championship.
  • Obedience: CDX and is working on her UD
  • Tracking: TDX
  • Agility: AX & AXJ and is almost to her MX & MXJ
  • Conformation: 3 majors and with 2 points to finish
In December 2003 she broke her leg and is with physical therapy was able to continue to be active but ended her quest for the Championship, MX, and MXJ

Miescha - Border Collie
Ch Miescha Hipp HSAs, NA, NAJ. 1997-2011. I bred Miescha and put the beginning titles on him, but he actually belongs to my neighbor. He now lives with her.

Spot - Border Collie
Spot’s registered name is HC HCh MacDuff’s Spot HXAsd, TD, CDX, MX, MXJ, ATDsd. HTADIIIs, Spot is the son of Miss and Grandson of Duff.

Joe - Australian Kelpie
Joe’s registered name is WTCH Windrush Joe. 1996-2011. Joe was the funniest dog I have ever owned. She was a very talented dog and taught me a lot about stock and compromise.

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